Boy, The What If’s In Life! As I go searching and have a look at through a 20 mile

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telescope I see things that just do not make any experience to me any greater. It seems I can consider a day when life did now not have the stresses that it has these days. For this type of excessive Technological/Scientific Society we sure are lacking the Mark. You Know? The Head of the Nail!

I picked a ebook of my library shelf up referred to as ” Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics” with the aid of Martin Ostwald. I believe the book turned into my oldest daughter’s, left in the back of after her university days. I have not asked her if this was a obligatory study but, but I will quickly. I would like to talk about it with her sometime, however not till she has lived a little to revel in some matters in existence.

But back to this Philosophy stuff.

First I have now not completed the e book. In matter of reality I have only read the primary ebook. There are ten books, not chapters. But what I actually have examine thus far opened my thoughts and defined at least a bit what I am seeing through the eyeglass. All of a unexpected I changed into capable of at the least recognise how and why we’ve got arrived to these unusual days we are in.

Aristotle changed into a scholar and a trainer within the years 366 B.C to 322 B.C.

I have constantly been a technical type person wherein studying weird stuff works for me, I can realize technical blue prints and manuals so uninteresting stuff excites me and I can see in which studying a book like this would be, lets say “Not” for maximum. To make clear, the general public could pass this ebook up in a coronary heart beat.

But for a few purpose “Philosophy and The Probability of The What If’s” has constantly been aside of me.

The beginning of this book, The Introduction, talks approximately Aristotle’s existence’s paintings and a quick destroy down of what’s going to be observed at the same time as analyzing this e book. Martin glaringly stored me a touch time know-how what I become going to stumble upon when I read on.

As I started to read the first ebook the topic was “The Good”. To apprehend the Good one would ought to look at the activities of human beings. In the Good everything revolves round people reasoning. As that is what makes us different from all the different mammals on earth. We can Reason and understand The Good and The Bad, make selections from it within the path of “The Good”, continually…Period!

But the subsequent twist become, how taking movement, through our sports, that the Good can go to the Bad. This by myself to me was an eye opener due to the fact the following issue all this associated with were politics and the way the Philosophy of the Good is Political for the whole of the Good understanding that there could be Bad due to the Good. To me that explained wherein we are at today as a whole, bottoming out on manage of the Good. Where more Bad is popping out probable because of the Over Powering of The Good.

It started out to scare me at the same time as I become studying this stuff. I wasn’t liking how I was referring to today’s world to what become being mentioned 2300 plus years in the past. We perhaps first-rate at Science and Technology and the Study of Politics and in search of “The Good” it has to make one marvel with the populations we have these days how “The Good” is looking after “The Bad”.

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